ETS Germany Rd2 reports


Race report by Bruno Coelho:

“Last weekend held the second round of ETS in Daun, Germany. The track was placed in a kind of camping Hotel with very good facilities, I can say that the place was very good and I really enjoy the time over there. Before the race we went at Arena 33 to practice a little bit for the ETS and our car was working already very well there. The track at ETS was very nice and the layout was very funny and at the same time very difficult.

When the practice started our car started immediately very fast and with very good potencial but very difficult to drive, after some modifications we improved a lot dominating almost all qualifies so like that we had TQ, starting like that first for the finals. In the finals we changed the additive strategy to make it easy to drive as our oponentes were super strong in the first laps, our strategy worked like we expected and we won the two finals with some advantage to our oponentes. Looking now forward to the next race (TITC) in Thailand. See you there guys! ”

Modified results:

  1. Bruno Coelho – XRAY T4
  2. Marc Rheinard – Infinity
  3. Ronald Volker – Yokomo

Race report by Jan Rathiesky:


“This time we had a awesome tricky layout and I like it very much. Anyway my Stock car works very well from the first battery and I made just very small changes inbetween A1 and A2. After flipping it away on track tape in Q1 I was able to TQ round 2, 3 and 4. Overall TQ no 2 of the season whoohoo 😉 In A1 I loose the car again on the track tape and I decide to make a front tire glue sidewall and more toe out in front. This gave me a more solid feeling and luckely I was able to win A2 and A3. Very very important and great start for the upcoming outdoor season.”


“Well good as Stock was running I struggle a lot from the beginning. Basicly my setup was working very well for 1-2 laps and then I just slide around. Totally crazy. The Team and I tryed totally crazy setups to avoid that. We did a good job but just bring the car work better in the Final. Just starting from the 6th spot I got 2 solid 2nd places. Based on the point system this brought me the 3rd overall. Not what I was focosing at, but great recovery I guess.

In my mind we started allready with a great setup. Badly the rear tires collectin the dirt of the track very quick and I was not able to avoid it. We tryed to safe our rear tires because in Vienna at Rd1 I was loosing the rear in the final with to soft tires. I guess this was our final problem. We sauced just 20 mins and used the tires just from the 1st qualli without run in. Anyway this works at rd1 but totally disaster at rd2. However, we learned from it.”

Stock Results:

  1. Jan Rathiesky – XRAY T4
  2. Mustafa Alp – XRAY T4
  3. Alex Kunkler – Yokomo

Formula results:

  1. Oliver Bultynck
  2. David Ehrbar – Serpent
  3. Jan Ratheisky – XRAY X1