Contact RC Tyres announce Nitro Drivers for 2018


Contact RC Tyres have announced that former World Champion and multiple ENS Champion Simon Kurzbuch is remaining with them for the 8th consecutive year in the Contact team. Alongside Simon, vice European Champion Tony Gruber is also on board. Simon and Tony will attend all the major International races: ENS and EFRA European Championships including the 1/8 European Championship in Cassino (Italy) on Contact Control Tyres.

“After 8 years of collaboration our big influence and friend Robert Pietsch is no longer part of the team. We are all really sorry about this, but changes in the race system and the introduction of control tyres is a major change for Nitro foam tyre racing. We thank Robert for all he did for the brand since the start of it with 2 European Championships in 1/8 and 1/10 class and of course the World Championship title in 2011. “

Contact RC Tyres