Infinity IF18 1/8 nitro on-road kit


Creation Model Ltd. have released some details of the successor to their World Championship winning 1/8 on-road chassis, the new Infinity IF18. Based on the Infinity 1/8 platform that took Dario Balestri to his first World title last September in France, where it also claimed the TQ, Super Pole and filled 5 of the 10 spots on the grid of the Main final, the new chassis is an evolution of that winning package. Significant design features of the IF18 include the development of completely new front and rear 7075 aluminium bulkheads. Not only an improved design in terms of on track performance, the new bulkheads now provide ‘easy access’ to ensure quick and easy maintenance. The rear bulkhead design is also now narrower than the previous version. This, in combination with new longer suspension arms, creates new geometry and improved stability. Other important design changes include a new brake system. Containing all new components – Mount, cam, piston, pads and lightened disc, the brake has been moved forward on 2-speed shaft for assuring less inertia and better brake feeling. The new IF18 kit also comes standard with a light weight clutch and 2-speed.