Team Magic Pro-J Tool Complete Set


HRC Distribution have introduced the new Pro-J tool set designed for 1/10 Touring Cars. The Pro-J tool set includes:

  • The TM117201 fine-tune ride height gauge allows racers to perfectly set the ride height of their 1/10 Touring Cars (also usable for Pan Cars and F1).
  • The TM117002 conventional droop gauge is especially designed for quick and easy droop settings for 1/10 Touring Cars. Measurments are made under arms.
  • The TM117203 high precision droop gauge is designed for ultra fine droop settings for 1/10 Touring Cars. Measurements are made under wheel axles, that allows more precise setting and more accurate droop setting comparison between different cars and brands.¬†Combined with the TM117204 10.0~10.1 blocks, steps are from 0.1 to 0.1mm.
  • The TM117204 high-precision chassis blocks have been designed especially to be used in combination with TM117203 high precision droop gauge. One side is 10.0mm and the second side is 10.1mm. This allows users to set the droop precisely by 0.1mm steps.