Shepherd Velox V10 2018 WC upgrade kit


Shepherd have introduced the 2018 WC upgrade kit for the Velox V10 nitro on-road car. The set includes all new parts to upgrade your Shepherd Velox V10 2017 to the new 2018 WC version. The update kit contains the following new parts:

  • Lighter vented brake discs: the reduced contact area between the differential and the discs provides a cooler working temperature and longer life of the pads even under hot and high grip conditions.
  • Redesigned front upper wishbones eliminate any “dynamic camber” when the wishbone is mounted in the upper position, increasing cornering speed in difficult track conditions. The front upper wishbone mount will now form a good unit with the radioplate due to its redesign, while now leaving more room for the front differential and anti-roll bar.
  • New rear anti-roll bar: Without the use of a pivot ball, the anti-roll bar now works without any play, which leads to a much more direct response and thus to a smoother turning especially with rapid changes in direction such as chicanes.
  • Updated rear lower wishbones: The new reinforced rear wishbones now incorporate with the updated anti-roll bar while also the material has been improved.
  • New carbon fiber radio plate: An updated carbon fiber structure of the radio plate simplifies handling in high grip conditions while also improving traction in low grip conditions.
  • Newly developed, lighter one-way: The one-way has been redesigned, material was removed to further reduce the rotating mass of the drive train and improve acceleration
  • Additional body support O-rings now prevent the body support from falling off, e.g. while cleaning the car.
  • Hard-coated aluminum diff-pins: previously only available as an option part, hard-coated aluminum diff-pins further reduce the rotating mass.

The update kit is also available for the black edition.