XRS Germany Rd4 Report


The fourth round of the 2018 XRS Germany was held at MCRT-Aschaffenburg track also called the bavarian monaco due it´s tight and technical layout. After three intensive rounds of qualifiying in TC Stock it was XRAY’s Jannick Namyslo who grabbed the TQ. In Formula saw a hard but still fair fights between Johannes Fecher and Daniel Schober. In the end Daniel managed to took the overall TQ. In 1/12 EB David Ranft was unbeatable, winning all three qualification rounds for in front of Sebastian Fenske and Alain Levy. In the 1/12 GT class Rüdiger Römling was able to take all three qualis as well from Thomas Namyslo and Bertram Kessler.

In TC stock, right after the first few laps Jens and Jannick were able to push away from the field. Jens was clearly faster but Jannick was in front and he had to block him the remaining 5:30 min. Unfortunately Jens had a technical problem 2 min until the end so Jannick was able to take A1. In A2 the track had more traction and Jens was able to take the win. A3 was really breath taking with Jens overtaking Jannick after 2 min, but Jannick was able to take the lead again 3 laps later thanks to a little mistake of Jens. In the end Jannick was able to take A3 victory so the overall win.

In Formula Johannes and Daniel kept on the fight from the qualis. But with Daniel being the one with more track time and having the better car he was able to take all three finals.

In 1/12 David was unstoppable. He was able to take all three finals as well with a margin lead. Behind him it was Sebastian Fenske and Alain Levy who fighted for the 2nd and 3rd spot. But also the two 1/12 new comers who attended their first 1/12 race ever did an awesome job with becoming faster and faster each run.

In 1/12 GT Rüdiger was able to take the win in front of Thomas Namyslo and Bertram Kessler, so no position changes compared to the qualis. The young Jody Müller did an fabulous job as well with taking the “best junior” title.