Arrowmax Asia Race Cup finale report


The last round of the Arrowmax Asia Race Cup was held at the Yatabe arena in four electric on-road classes.

Dash 13.5T Stock Class

In the Dash 13.5 spec Touring Class, Yokomo’s duos are here to dominate the event setting new track record. Yokomo’s Drift Designer and former World champion Hayato Matsuzaki battle with 14 times World Champion Masami Hirosaka. Both Drivers were doing insane fast lap times which were running into the Boosted class lap times of 14.9sec. The battle between the 2 was complete on their own. But In the end, it seems that Hayato Matsuzaki was able to find a little faster trick to be slightly ahead. During the Final, Hayato dominate all 3 runs and never look back. While Masami run into some trouble and has to fight with an Yatabe Local driver Miura Akimasa. Miura was able to gap 2nd to be a big challenge for Masami, but in the 3rd final, Masami was able to hold his ground and keep 2nd overall, while Miura Akimasa will have to settle for 3rd.

Dash 21.5T Formula Class

In the Dash 21.5 spec F1 class, it was exciting battle with the Yatabe Local racer Yamazaki Satoshi. With his Customize F1 machine, his car was dialed. Running many custom machine brass parts to keep the weight low and giving his car more traction, Yamazaki Satoshi dominate this class taking TQ and win without ever looking back. The excitement of the race is between Hong Kong’s Stick king and Yatabe local racer Takase Yoshiaki. Battle was intense with both drivers getting 2nd and 3rd place, it all come to the tie breaker to decide. In the end, Stick king from Hong Kong came out on top and took 2nd overall, Takase Yoshiaki finish 3rd.

JMRCA spec Boosted 13.5 Class

In the JMRCA spec Boosted 13.5 class, this was one of the epic turn of event. This class was determining and decided by the last min of the 3rd final. It all started out with the battle between Yokoyama Takeshi from yokomo/Japan vs Stickking from Serpent/Hong Kong. Yokoyama Takeshi, the 1st runner up from the last year AOC event in both boosted class, a strong racer in this class vs Hong Kong/world famous Stickking specialize in fun class. Both driver was battle for TQ, but after the qualifier finish, It was Yokoyama Takeshi come out on top. With TQ all set and 1st round of the final, Yokoyama Takeshi took an easy win while Stickking hit the wall hard and ended his race early. Just about we think it’s all over, the 2nd final start with a Strong run by Stickking, Yokoyama made a huge mistake and lost the lead and never able to recover. Then out of nowhere, Takuma Mizowaki, Serpent/Japan Driver put on a strong performance and over took Stickking. With Stickking’s car having some Power issues, he was luckily enough to hold on to 3rd. while Tanaka Ayumu, Xray/Japan Driver over took sticking as well. With the 3rd final, the decider of the event. With a large margin of Lead over 2nd, Yokoyama Takeshi made a huge mistake traction roll to the other side of the race track losing it’s lead while Stickking made a huge and worst possible start at the beginning of the race. Quickly, Starting From 9th, Takuma Mizowaki was able to quickly get the lead. While Stickking’s hard charge from the back of the field was strong, but it’s still not enough to catch to the error free Takuma Mizowaki. In the end, by winning 2nd and 3rd final, Takuma Mizowaki took the overall win, Tanaka Ayumu taking the safe 2nd place while sticking taking 3rd overall.

Arrowmax Modified Class

In the Modified Class, it was the top 4 battles between 4 manufacturers. Akio Sobue for Infinity, Naoki Akiyama for Yokomo, Jin Sawada for Destiny and Viktor Wilck for Serpent. With all 4 of these world class drivers putting on a show in the modified class. The Closest battle was the 1st final. Akio Sobue getting the overall TQ but to be pressure by Naoki Akiyama in the first final, the close battle go on for the 5min, but in the end, there were no opening for Naoki to get the pass. With 2nd and 3rd final as is, for all final seem to be settle and finish by the qualify order. In the end, Akio Sobue took 1st, Naoki Akiyama took 2nd and Jin Sawada took 3rd.