XRS Slovenia Rd3 report


Round 3 of XRS Slovenia 2017/18 was held again at the Pik hala – Maribor track. Drivers from three different countries participated at the event and since this was the penultimate round before the final, the battle for the championship continued. TQ in Touring Stock 13.5 XRS went to XRAY’s Rok Rudl from young driver Bjan Mikložič and Stefan Hois in third. In F1 21.5 XRS Herfried Pucher took the TQ from Matej Dobnikar in second and Alojzij Osvald in third. In 1/12 Pan car TQ went to Nejc Mihelič, in front of Jernej Vuga Štendler and Goran Vignjevič. In Touring Stock there was a nice battle between Rok Rudl, Bjan Mikložič, Patrik Požgaj and Stefan Hois. In all 3 finals Rok was able to win and Bjan was always second. The battle for 3rd place moved Patrik from 4th on the grid to the final podium position.

Touring Stock results:

  1. Rok Rudl – XRAY T4
  2. Bjan Mikložič – XRAY T4
  3. Patrik Požgaj – XRAY T4
  4. Stefan Hois – ARC
  5. Gregor Banko -Tamiya

In Formula Stock 21.5 the victory went to Alojzij Osvald after a thrilling 3 finals. In the first final TQ driver Herfried Pucher collected a backmarker after he spun, so the lead went to Matej Dobnikar and second was Herfried. In the second final Herfried lead from start to finish with Matej second and Alojzij third. The last race was to deciding for the victory and everybody expected a battle between Herfried and Matej, but Matej made a hard overtake on Herfried and they touched, so Matej had to wait for Herfried and this allowed Alojzij to take the lead. The Matej and Herfried touched again on the same spot, so the battle was only to be for second place. In the meantime, Alojzij did what was necessary – making the fastest run…and he did it. So, at the end second went to Herfried and third to Matej.

Formula Stock 21.5 results: 

  1. Alojzij Osvald – XRAY X1
  2. Herfried Pucher – Shepherd
  3. Matej Dobnikar – XRAY X1
  4. Robert Simčič – XRAY X1
  5. Denis Fink – XRAY X1

In 1/12 Pan-car it was Nejc Mihelič taking the first final and also the second one after a close battle with Jernej (only 0,4s after 5min). In third final both Nejc and Jernej crashed and this allowed Goran to take the win in the last final giving him second on the podium and Jernej went to third.

1/12 Pan-car results:

  1. Nejc Mihelič – VBC
  2. Goran Vignjevič – XRAY X12
  3. Jernej Vuga Štendler – XRAY X12