Merry Christmas from VAPON


VAPON have released a Merry Christmas promotion only for retailers and distributors.

  • Promotion 1: Full $100 minus $10, and enjoy 20% off discount (Note: Can not use two or more promotion at the same time)
  • Promotion 2: Second one half price (Note:Can not use two or more offering at the same time) on products such as TS01103, RS-617UE, RS-617E, PL-1207LV, PL-2211, PL-1610, PL-1408, VP-815, RS-717 and PS-755.

Merry Christmas – (Distributors promotion)

  1. buy car body shell+ tyres (offering free wing)
  2. buy car kits + servo (offering free car body shell + pit mat)
  3. buy clutch set + pinion gear (offering free glow plugs)
  4. buy Plastic Fuel Gun + pit mat (offering free wing)
  5. buy Fuel Bottle + pit mat (offering free wing)
  6. buy tyres + clutch set (offering free wing)
  7. buy tools + tyres (offering free wing)
  8. buy car kits + car boddy shell (offering free wing)
  9. buy airfilters + tyres (offering free wing)
  10. buy pipes + servo (offering free car body shell)
  11. buy gyroscope + servo (offering free car body shell)
  12. buy servo + pit mat (offering free wing)
  13. buy tyres + pit mat (offering free wing)
  14. buy car body shell + pit mat (offering free washer)
  15. buy tyres + setup wheels (offering free Rubber Tyre Mounting Band)