Infinity IF14 Steering Blocks, Rear Uprights & C-Blade Protectors


Infinity have introduced new designed steering blocks, rear uprights & C-blade protectors for their IF14. Newly designed steering blocks that now include a built in angle stopper are offered in two material options. With a ‘Hard’ option to cover a wide range of track conditions, a ‘Super Hard’ Graphite option has also been produced to deal with high grip road surfaces. The ’Super Hard’ blocks are also suitable for creating greater steering response and giving the car a more agile overall set-up.

At the rear of the car, newly designed Rear Uprights have been released to optimise the rear suspension geometry. As with the Steering Blocks, these are also available in ‘Hard’ and ‘Super Hard’ material to suit varying track conditions. The Graphite option is recommended for use on a high grip tracks. Completing the trio of new releases for the IF14 are new C-Blade Protectors. A revised design, they are made from new material to offer greater durability.