Team Associated TC7.1 0.2mm Suspension Arm Shims & Steel Inner Hinge Pin Balls


Team Associated have introduced two new option parts in the form of 2mm suspension arm shims and steel inner hinge pin balls for the RC10TC6.2, RC10TC7 and RC10TC7.1. First up are the FT suspension arm shims. These shims allow finer increment adjustments for roll center. They are sold in pairs to allow 2 shims under each arm mount for TC7. The set includes four of 0.2mm outer shims and eight of 0.2mm inner shims.

Team Associated  

Next up are the steel inner hinge pin balls. These option parts replace machined composite part with machined steel part. Steel part allows hinge pin to pivot inside, allowing more precise fitment and consistent performance. They are sold in sets of eight balls, enough for one complete chassis. Both tuning options will be available in January 2018.