XRS Slovakia Rd3 report


Third round of the XRS Slovakia was held at Hudy Arena. Free practises started in early morning on Friday till late night. On Saturday morning there was free practise, allowed for drivers who didn´t catch practise rounds on Friday, then three rounds of qualies which the fastest counted and then three rounds of close finals in all classes. In Modified class, we saw very close battles for TQ between three drivers. These were Martin Hudy, rising star Oliver Havránek and Zdeno Kunák. At the end the TQ gained Martin Hudy in just 0,6s in front of Oliver Havránek and Zdeno Kunák. In very close finals it was Martin Hudy who was able to win in modiefied class, than Oliver Havránek and Zdeno Kunák.

  1. Martin Hudy – XRAY T4
  2. Oliver Havránek – XRAY T4
  3. Zdeno Kunák – Awesomatix
  4. Filip Obora – XRAY T4
  5. Michal Wójcik – XRAY T4

In Stock 13.5T class we also could see close battles for TQ between Oliver Havránek and Zdeno Kunák. It was Oliver who was able to gain TQ. Later in the finals It was Oliver Havránek who win this class in front of Zdeno Kunák and Marton Toth. The winner of B final was Rudolf Madaj.

  1. Oliver Havránek – XRAY T4
  2. Zdeno Kunák – Awesomatix
  3. Marton Toth
  4. Tono Sloboda – XRAY T4
  5. Mário Žila – XRAY T4

1/10 GT Pan car class was dominated by Igor Lipták who TQed this class in front of Dušan Bayer and Pavol Chovan. In the finals we saw many battles and also unfortunately bad luck decided some battles. Igor Lipták win then Zoltan Polyak and Marek Helbich.

  1. Igor Lipták – XRAY X10
  2. Zoltan Polyak – CRC
  3. Marek Helbich – XRAY X10
  4. Dušan Bayer – XRAY X10
  5. Miroslav Hargaš – XRAY X10

In 1/12 6.5T class, It was Tomáš Lipták who TQed the class in front of another young rising star Branislav Panák. Then was Zsolt Kálnay. In the finals it was Tomáš Lipták who win the class in front of Branislav Panák and Robin Kaiser.

  1. Tomáš Lipták – XRAY X12
  2. Branislav Panák – XRAY X12
  3. Robin Kaiser – BlackArt
  4. Zsolt Kálnay – XRAY X12
  5. Clemens Toscani – BlackArt

In Formula 21.5T class there were many battles for TQ. At the end Michal Wójcik was able to TQ Formula class in front of Adrian Uhrík and Andrej Vnucko. In the finals we had many battles here to see especially in the front of the grid. In the first final it was Andrej Vnucko who gained the win in just 0.2s, after close battles with Michal and Adrian. In second final it was Michal who win, then Andrej and Adrian. In third final we saw the most close battles between Andrej and Michal who were just sliding side by side. In the end it was Andrej Vnucko who win third final and whole Formula class in front of Michal Wójcik and Adrian Uhrík.

  1. Andrej Vnucko – XRAY X1
  2. Michal Wójcik – XRAY X1
  3. Adrian Uhrík – XRAY X1
  4. Pavol Chovan
  5. Dušan Bayer – XRAY X1

The closest blattles we could see in the 1/12 GT class just from the beginning. After thrilling qualies it was Igor Lipták who poled this class, then Andrej Vnucko and Branislav Panák. True adrenaline started right in the first final where were very close battles in the front of the grid but unfortunately the final arrangeemnt was decided by slower drivers. First was Andrej then Igor and Branislav. The second final was much more clear run and we could taste the right close battles in first places. It was Igor who won in front of Andrej and Branislav. Third final the most thrilling and close final of the day was finished in order Igor Lipták, Andrej Vnucko and Branislav Panák in just 0.5s all three cars. Final order was first Igor Lipták second Andrej Vnucko and third Branislav Panák.

  1. Igor Lipták – XRAY X12
  2. Andrej Vnucko – XRAY X12
  3. Branislav Panák – XRAY X12
  4. Marek Helbich – XRAY X12
  5. Josef Poláčik – CRC