SITCC Rd1 report


The first round of the SITCC was held on ETS carpet for the first time this past weekend. In Touring Car XRAY’s Cham Dassanayake started second on the grid for the A-mains. In the first final he tried to put pressure on pole man HB Racing driver Kevin Zwahlen, but he didn’t flinch until the 10th lap were he made a mistake and Cham piled in to him from behind. As a result of the shock of the impact Cham’s motor moved forward and he stripped the spur gear forcing him to abandon this leg. In the second final, Cham put pressure again and capitalized when Kevin made a mistake and went through and never looked back, despite pressure from both Paul Franceschi and Briac Berthoud. In the third final, Cham was able to hold on to second spot until around half way mark when he suddenly lost some traction. Zwahlen took the win from Cham in second and another XRAY driver Briac Berthoud in third.

In the Formula class it was Nicolas Albina who grabbed the win in front of Sergio Ramos and Ulrich Bader in second and third respectively.