GFR Le Grande Finale Race report


The first ever 200mm Nitro GFR Le Grande Finale Race took place this past weekend in Athens, Greece. Guest drivers Thilo Tödtmann and Sures Velauthapillai attended the event. It was the first race with controlled Matrix tyres in Greece with an ENS style format and it was greatly appreciated by all 28 drivers with closer racing, cheaper and just more fun.

Starting from A Final Shepherd’s Thilo Tödtmann took the win after a close battle between the Greek Champion Bill lykaris. In third position, BMT driver Lambros Tsiklitiras rounded out the podium after having some battles with rest of the field.

In B Final XRAY’s Panos Theodoropoulos took the win but he bump up to A-Main and so XRAY’s Sures Velauthapillai took the first place of the podium. After some years without race, Marios Vlachopoulos finished in second one lap behind while Lekas rounded out the top 3, 6 sec behind him.

In C Final Mugen driver Michael Christodoulou took the win and bump up to B-Main. It was XRAY’s Andreas Kouretas who took the win in front of Fotis Evgenidis.