Dominic Quek wins at Arrowmax Cup Singapore Rd3


The third and final round of the Arrowmax Cup was held this past weekend at East Coast PA RCMC track in Singapore. Dominic Quek would dominated the qualifying rounds by winning all 4 rounds with a sizeable gap each time. After a rough start in A1 due to the front tyres were torn before the start, Dominic dropped to 6th. When the tyres heated up, he managed to catch up to the leader, Patrick, and there was a 3-way fight for the lead between Patrick, Kenji and him, with 4th and 5th place not far behind. After some close racing, Dominic managed to hold on and won the final. A2 also started badly as someone jump started, causing some confusion. Dominic was hit in the rear during this mayhem and his wing was slightly damaged. However, after the restart, he managed to pull away and win the second final, sealing the overall win in front of his team mates Patrick Ong in second and Kenji Taira in third. A3 was cancelled due to a thunderstorm.