Ruddog Cup 2017/18 Rd1 report


Last weekend the first round of the 2017/18 Ruddog Cup took place at RC-Indoor-Arena in Köstendorf, Austria. In both 2WD and 4WD Modified, the weekend was dominated by Team Associated’s Patrick Hofer, who took the win in both classes. In 2WD Modified he was follow by Michael Kloibhofer and Martin Lindner while in the 4WD class it was Christian Wukonig and Andreas Mayr who took the podium spots. In the RDRP 2WD Stock class it was a class fight between the top five driver for the podium with Georg Kötzinger coming out best and taking the win ahead of Christian Feuersänger and Markus Aicher. In Touring Car modified it was a close finish between the Frauenschuh brothers, with Helmut Frauenschuh taking the win and Christian who secured the second place. On third place it was Lubi Paunovic. Last but not least the TC Stock 13.5T class was won by multiple European Champion Gerhard Kandelhart ahead of Thomas Hofstätter and Christoph Rohrmoser.

Vampire Racing 2wd modified 

  1. Patrick Hofer
  2. Michael Kloibhofer
  3. Martin Lindner

Tekno RC 4wd modified

  1. Patrick Hofer
  2. Chistian Wukonig
  3. Andreas Mayr

RDRP 2wd stock class 13.5T

  1. Georg Kötzinger
  2. Christan Feuersänger
  3. Markus Aicher

Bittydesign TC Modified

  1. Helmut Frauenschuh
  2. Christian Frauenschuh
  3. Lubi Paunovic

Hiro Seiko TC Stock 13.5T

  1. Gerhard Kandelhart
  2. Thomas Hofstätter
  3. Christoph Rohrmoser