Markus Hellquist wins at South Swedish Indoor Cup Rd2


The second round of the South Swedish Indoor Cup was hosted by Wäxjö MS in Alvesta on a high grip track. The qualifying result was based on the best single result, out of three rounds in total. XRAY driver Markus Hellquist won all qualifying rounds from Serpent driver Fabian Vernersson who claimed second place and Team Associated’s Daniel Carlsson the third. Going into the finals, Fabian was close to overtaking Markus after a mistake in A1, but Markus managed to win A1, and the following A2 and A3 to secure the win. Fabian made sure to grasp the second place with two 2nd places. Daniel had a good drive in A3, but it was not enough to challenge Fabian, and he had to settle for third overall.