Lovan Fun Cup Rd1 report


Last week-end was held the first round of the Lovan RC Fun Cup at Alveringem in Belgium. Race report by Pasquinel Neys:

When arriving at the track on Saturday morning I was stunned about the venue. The track was huge for indoor standards and had a fun and flowing lay out. On the first practice lap it was clear that the grip still needed to come but after a couple of battery’s the car began to feel very good on the “ETS” carpet. I returned home early because the drive home was about 2 hours and I promised my lovely daughter to visit a parade in our hometown on Saturday night.

On Sunday, I left early to do some more practice laps before the start of the race. My car had enough steering for the track but I was struggling a bit with the rear of the car. After adjusting the rear of the car I was able to get the car more stable. I raised the outside of the rear camber links to get more camber change and put my rear shocks upright.

In the first qualification I felt pretty confident but looking at the timing list after the race proved me wrong. I finished fourth after the first round of qualifying. In the second qualification I changed to a regular speed 6 body and a somewhat special tire additive. I used green Xenon additive. My car felt faster and I gained some confidence. When I overtook a back marker I went a bit wide an hit the barriers of the track which made my front belt slip of the pulley. So qualy 2 was a DNF for me.

When seeing the lap times after the race I could see that there was an improvement after switching to the speed 6 body but this still was not enough. I noticed that I was the fastest guy on the volante tire’s but the people in front of me where riding some other tires. After a discussion about this with my teammates Lorenzo and Aron I decided I did not have the best tire choice for the event. A couple of minutes later Lorenzo popped up with an old set of Sorex 28. I asked race control if I could do some laps to feel the difference. After 2 corners I realized the Sorex tires where a big advantage. (on volante’s I drove a 15.9, My first Lap on the Sorex tires I managed a 15.3).

The last qualification would be the decider for me. During the run my car felt awesome but I managed to roll the car in the penultimate lap which cost me 3 seconds, I would line up as third on the starting grid.

In the first final I had a good start, numbers 1 and 2 tangled up in the second corner and I could take the lead. After 5 minutes I came in first. The second final saw the same start issues for numbers 1 and 2. I was leading the race but halfway to the race Tom Adams was putting me under a lot of pressure, I snapped and clipped a barrier. I finished second in the second final. The third final would be the decider. I made a very good start and took over second place after a couple of laps. At that point Tom had got a big advantage over me. I pushed very hard but I was not able to catch Tom and ended up second. Tom would take the overall win and I came in second.

Overall Result – Stock:

A – 1. Tokke Adams
A – 2. Pasquinel Neys – TM E4RS4
A – 3. Thomas Hostyn
A – 4. Stuart Gates
A – 5. Christophe Loget – TM E4RS4
A – 6. Steven Deceuninck
A – 7. Christophe Lefebvre
A – 8. Gilles Hendrickx
A – 9. Ruben Ally
A – 10. Peter Roeygens
B – 11. Christophe Libeer – TM E4RS4
B – 12. Mathieu Courtens
B – 13. Nick Verschelde
B – 14. Christophe Wojsznis
B – 15. Lorenzo Desloovere
B – 16. Aaron Vandepoele – TM E4RS4
B – 17. Kas Ally
B – 18. Peter Vermeesch
B – 19. Kurt Dejaegere – TM E4RS4
B – 20. Kevin De Melio

Overall Result – Modified:

A – 1. Liam Van De Wouwer
A – 2. Pascal Delferiere
A – 3. Ian Bekaert
A – 4. Olivier Cornard – TM E4RS III+
A – 5. Lorenzo Vandepoele – TM E4RS III+