Danish DRCMU Rd4 reports


Race report by Mike Gosvig:

Both my XRAY T4’18 powered by hobbywing was on fire again this weekend to grab a TQ in the modified and also in the stock class – but unfortuenetly a defect timing in the engine saw my last qualy TQ to get taking, so I had to start from 4th in the finals… In modified I could win all qualys and finals with margin from 2-4 seconds down to 2 place Patrick Hornum and my teammate Patrick Danielsen. Now I have 4 wins in the modified class this season, the car is on rails and I feel every confident with my package!

In the stock class my car was again fastest car, I made the fastest TQ time, but unfortuenetly a defect timing in the engine saw my last qualy TQ to get taking, so I had to start from 4th in the finals – but the other engine I swapped to show to have been better than the one I drove in practice and qualys – so I would take the challenge in hand and drove all I could, first finals I overtook my team mate Patrick Danielsen after he was out of shape, I lost some time on the leaders (like 1,5 seconds) because Danielsens car was sliding. I could catch the leaders Kevin and Folman, and on the 2 last lap I overtook Folman end to the straight side by side, and I had one lap to almost do the same With Kevin but the time was running out, I got 2 place with only 3 tenth after Kevin Nielsen.

2nd main I could again make a good start, this time I could overtake Danielsen faster, and was now early on the hunt for the leaders! – I catch them and overtook Folman, the next corner I go inside also Kevin Nielsen side by side, now I was in the lead! – but then badluck, Kevin hit me in the rear and the body got tucked, Folman drove by, same with 3 other cars…. So I ended 4th in this main only 4 tenth after Steven in 3rd place so I could again make up time.

3rd main I could still win, but some overtaking should be there, good start but some sliding and little contact side by side I got out of shape and dropped 2 places, I could end now main drive back to the leaders in 4th and end the race in 3rd place. My car was amazing all weekend, fastest car out there also in every main! The Bittydesign m410 was perfect body and cant wait for next race to get back in the game hopefully with some luck…

Modified results:

  1. Mike Gosvig – XRAY T4
  2. Patrick Hornum
  3. Patrick Danielsen – XRAY T4
  4. Morten Iversen – Schumacher
  5. Stefan Finnich – Schumacher

Race report by Kevin Nielsen:

The fourth round of the Danish DRCMU series took place in Tinglev near the German border this past weekend. We arrived at the track early Saturday morning to practice, as we always do the day before the race. Track layout and carpets was the well known type from last season. The track is a bit challenging and technical with some very fast corners.

Most of the day Saturday, we was using old tires, and these worked really well, just to find out that new tires was a much different story. It was really difficult to get max grip with these. Back on with the old tires for one more battery, and my Xray T4 was amazing again. My car was stable on the new tires, but was missing to much steering and rotation to be fast enough,so needed like 4 battery’s before they worked. With this in our minds, we was a little worried when we drove back to our hotel, as we only have 2 practice rounds on race day.

With way too little sleep, we was back on the track Sunday morning, got my race tires, and started to make them ready to hit the track the first time. With a few other tweaks, my Xray was absolutely amazing from the very first lap. Car and tires worked superb, so could not blame anything besides myself if it not turned out well. After the 2 first controlled practice rounds, I found myself in 2nd spot, really pleased with that.

First qual was very good for me, and without any mistakes, took TQ in this. Second round I made two small mistakes, and in this highly competitive field, there is absolutely no chance to get unpunished out of this. Dropped to 5th place and drove up to 3rd place in this round. Actually pleased with a 3rd place after all. Third and last round, another small mistake, so ended as 3rd in this one also. After a lunch break, my Xray T4 was checked and dialed in, number 2 was put on my body, and I felt totally ready for max attack.

Right before the start, technical inspection found some problems with the leading car, and they decided to put him back in start position 4, moving me up on the grid as 1st. Quickly my number was switched, and I was ready to either pull away, or defend my position. With Patrick Folman right behind me, I knew it would be almost impossible to pull away. Patrick is a super fast and very good driver, so I knew it would be difficult.

First final, the beep sounded and I got a perfect start. Folman was all over me for all 5 minutes, so my nerves was really tested here. I was not nervous, more excited, as I knew that Folman is a very fair driver, and only attacks if it can be done in a fair way. I defended my position all the way, and was the first car to pass the finish line. What a start. Second final, noting to complain about at all. Good start again, but make a mistake, as my car hit a curb and the door was open for Folman to pass. Ended in 2nd spot this time. Third and last final, another perfect start for everybody, so the game was on. This time I was very much excited as it could be my first victory in this series. I kept my head cold, and defended my position from start until the end. Again I was under massively pressure from Folman, but drove the lines so it was difficult to pass, and it finally happened, crossed the line as first car, taking my first indoor victory, could not be more happy.

Superstock results:

  1. Kevin Nielsen – XRAY T4
  2. Patrick Folman -Awesomatix
  3. Mike Gosvig – XRAY T4
  4. Frederik broløS – XRAY T4
  5. Patrick Danielsen – XRAY T4