Roche Rapide P12-2017 US Spec 1/12 Pan Car Kit


Roche Products International have introduced a new specification of their P12-2017, the P12-2017 USA Spec. The USA Spec kit include alloy chassis plates, hard front end parts, lowered rear axle height adjuster and a full range of optional center shock springs to a package ready to tackle the highest grip carpet surfaces. Combined this racing package has been used in the first two major carpet races of the 2017/2018 season to podium at IIC and TQ the Halloween Classic.

Rapide P12-17 Features

  • New design 2.5mm high grade 7075 aluminum main chassis and rear bottom pod
  • New design floating servo plate
  • New design 7075 aluminum low CG motor mount
  • New design graphite top plate and chassis brace with “RFAS – Rolling Friction Adjust System”
  • New design 7075 aluminum rear chassis brace mount
  • New design aluminum front lower bulkhead
  • New design center damper position
  • New big bore center damper, center spring, POM piston
  • New design 7075 aluminum easy adjust side spring holder
  • New 7075 aluminum steering turnbuckle (M3x42mm)
  • New differential hub and wheel hub compatible with M2.5x8mm cap screws
  • Wheel base +/-2.0mm adjustable on front lower aluminum suspension block (199mm/201mm)
  • Caster adjustment : 1.8/3.25/6.15 deg
  • Low friction coating pivot balls
  • Front upper arm mount pin brace
  • Polished kingpin and upper hinge pin
  • Spring steel upper arm turnbuckle (M3x15mm)
  • Spring steel front axle
  • High grade composite front suspension plastic parts from Xenon Racing
  • Mini and micro size servo compatible
  • Cross-chassis alignment battery placement
  • 7075 aluminum main shaft holder, precise adjustment ride height by spacers. +/-1mm forward/backward main shaft position adjustment.
  • 2.5mm USA graphite rear motor pod bottom stiffener
  • High precision ball differential and reliable carbon main shaft
  • 64P 90T (16 balls) spur gear from Xenon Racing
  • New urethane foam bumper
  • All new aluminum 4.3mm reinforced ballstuds