Catalan 200mm Champs Rd6 report


The sixth round of the Catalan 200mm Championship was held last weekend at the Cerdanyola Modelcar (CMC) track in Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain. The morning was quite cold but the sun came for the final. In the qualifying rounds it was Sergi Franch Codina who took the pole by TQing in the first two rounds followed by Alex Garcia Aguilera and Sergi Franch Codina. The semifinals were dominated by Jaime Lacuesta Catalán and Enric Piqué Oliveras.

In the final Mugen driver Sergi Franch Codina took the lead during a good part of the race but he had some technical issues allowing Alex Garcia Aguilera the lead followed by XRAY’s Jaime Lacuesta Catalán and Jordi Ortuño Gavaldà. Alex managed to grabbed the victory in front of Jaime Lacuesta Catalán in second and his teammate Jordi Ortuño Gavaldà in third. In the end, Sergi Franch Codina took the Catalan 200mm title.

Top 3:

  1. Alex García Aguilera (Mugen)
  2. Jaime Lacuesta Catalán (Xray)
  3. Jordi Ortuño Gavaldà (Mugen)

Overall Championship:

  1. Sergi Franch Codina (Mugen)
  2. Abel Pascual Sanmartí (Capricorn)
  3. Jonhatan Pastor Sánchez (Mugen)

Thanks to Alejandro García Aguilera for the report.