Kyosho TF7.7 electric touring car kit


The full model transformation from the TF6 to the TF7 has been sharpened further to maintain its technological edge in electric touring car racing with the next TF7.7 evolution. This latest version is not just fitted out with optional parts released after the TF7, but also features prototype parts that made a significant impact at the World Championships and the Japanese Championships such as short Big Bore shocks, center stiffener for improved pitching rigidity, 2-height motor mount, rear suspension holder compatible with A.R.T.S. (Active Rear Toe Control System), front spool cup joint compatible with two types of universal joints and rear diff gear with closing sleeve. With the reliability and durability essential for racing success, the new TF7.7 maintains the optimal left/right roll and mechanical grip of the TF7 and responds precisely to the will of the driver’s commands.


  • Proven 2-belt drive 4WD chassis has been completely redesigned to be at the leading edge of competitive racing.
  • Symmetrical arrangement of screws used for installation of parts on chassis realizes uniform roll characteristics. Grooves in chassis are also symmetrical.
  • Battery mount changed to standard type using fiberglass tape through the mount.
  • Large diameter pulley realizes longer life of the drive belt.
  • One-piece aluminum motor mount meets the demands of high power output and minimizes gear trouble during racing.
  • Front/rear interchangeable bulkhead optimizes chassis balance and realizes efficient spare parts utilization.
  • Stabilizer is compatible with the Ultima and Lazer electric off road models.

Technical data

  • Length: 368mm
  • Width: 186mm
  • Wheelbase: 255-260mm
  • Tread (F/R): 162mm/161mm
  • Tires (F/R): Sold separately
  • Gear Ratio: 1.90:1 (2nd)
  • Weight: 1,350g (approx.)
  • Motor: 540 size (sold separately)