Colombian On-Road Nationals finale report


The last round of the 2017 Colombian On-Road Nationals was held at Bima racing track in Bogotá. The track with its bumpy asphalt surface will provide medium traction and because of the weather the grip changed in every round. The Stock 17.5T class was dominated by XRAY’s David Pardo who took the overall TQ and the win in front of his teammate Pablo Mojica in second and Tamiya’s Leonardo Buitrago in third. In the super stock 10.5T class it was ARC driver Rodrigo Salgado who took the win from XRAY’s Juan Pablo Torres and ARC driver Andres Leon in third.

Stock 17.5T class

  1. David Pardo – XRAY T4‘17
  2. Pablo Mojica – XRAY T4’17
  3. Leonardo Buitrago – TRF 419X
  4. David Lalinde – ARC R11 2017
  5. Esteban Correa – XRAY T4 ‘16

Super Stock 10.5T

  1. Rodrigo Salgado – ARC R11‘18
  2. Juan Pablo Torres – XRAY T4’16
  3. Andres Leon – ARC R11
  4. Leonardo Buitrago – TRF 419X
  5. David Pardo – XRAY T4 ‘17
  6. Pablo Mojica – XRAY T4 ‘17