Jefferies & Finlay win at EWS Rd2


Round two of the EWS series was held this past weekend. New carpet was being used at round two so any set up learnt at the first round was possibly worthless. In Modified qualifying it was first blood to Schumacher’s Elliott Harper but XRAY driver Olly Jefferies bounced back in round two, round three it was Harper again setting up a last round show down with Jefferies who needed to win the round in a quicker time, he duly delivered and the XRAY driver clinched another TQ. In the final a change of body shell and some small changes to the set up and Jefferies was able to ease away from Harper and take the win, Chris Granger completed the podium with Kyle Branson and Alan Bickerstaff completing the top five.

In stock the battle for TQ was between XRAY’s Tony Broad and Zak Finlay, like in the modified class Finlay was able to took the pole for the stock A final. Finlay led from the start with Broad not letting him get away, as the pair entered the last thirty seconds they were lapping a group of four drivers racing for position, this led to a last corner drama and Finlay nearly lost the lead with both drivers crossing the line less than two tenths apart in favour of Finlay.

Modified A Main

  1. Olly Jefferies – XRAY T4
  2. Elliott Harper – Schumacher
  3. Chris Grainger – Associated
  4. Kyle Branson – Capricorn
  5. Alan Bickerstaff – Associated
  6. Harley Eldridge – Yokomo
  7. Alexander Hagberg – XRAY T4
  8. Stefan Chodzynski – Schumacher
  9. Matt White – Associated
  10. Alex Thurston – Serpent

Stock A – main

  1. Zak Finlay – XRAY T4
  2. Tony Broad – XRAY T4
  3. Richard King – Awesomatix
  4. Ricky Copsey – Awesomatix
  5. Marcus Askell – XRAY
  6. Chris Gunter – Schumacher
  7. Ashley Wiffen – Awesomatix
  8. Ben Pedersen – Schumacher
  9. Luke Hobson
  10. Jack Ioannou – XRAYT4