Martin Bayer chooses HUDY


Martin has started his RC car career as only 6 year old kid visiting local and national races with his father. For Martin RC racing has been number one priority from his start and despite his successes also in another motorsports Martin chooses to stay with RC cars. Seems that this was a very good decision for Martin as he was able to collect dozens of trophies including 17x Czech Republic Champion and European Champion. Moreover Martin has become an RC car designer in one of the prestigious RC companies where besides Juraj Hudy perfects every detail on new products and knows how every tenth of millimeter counts. In this minimalistic & perfectionist environment is HUDY Martin Bayer’s only choice.

From early beginnings Martin has been following Juraj’s work and admiring quality & precise design of his products. With the rising competition level Martin has learned that only 100% RC car preparation could put him at the same starting line with other top drivers, who prepare their cars with the same patience as everyone who wants to achieve the best results.

“You need to focus fully not only on the track but also during wrenching, it’s easy to build something wrong without a notice.“ Answering what is a must have to prepare his cars perfectly „Every equipment helps you to achieve a perfect result. My favorite are HUDY set-up board, HUDY tools and for sure new HUDY set-up ride height gauge.“

Martin Bayer is HUDY.