Capricorn C803EP 1/8th Electric On-Road kit


Capricorn RC have introduced their new 1/8th OnRoad EP platform named C803EP. Based on the successful nitro powered C803, the car features a new radio tray that fits 2 shorty 2s LiPo packs to comply with the latest EFRA ruling on the class. The one-piece motor mount allows for a double gear mesh adjustment, and can house motors with both M3 and M4 screws. On top of it, the carbon fan mount houses 40mm fans. The side belt tensioner has also been redesigned to work with the different shape of the motor mount. The car uses the same gearing as the nitro version’s 2nd gear, the range going from 56 to 58 for the spur and from 23 to 25 for the pinion, and the suggested motor is a 2600kv, although the whole range going from 2100 to 2600kv is usable.