Rémi Callens wins at Lovan RC Challenge Rd1


Last week-end was the first round of the Lovan RC Challenge in Belgium. In the EFRA Touring Modified class it was TM’s Rémi Callens who took the pole position and the win in front of Hugo Ragaut in second and Thomas Stockman in third.

Race report from Rémi:

Last weekend, no ETS for me, not enough time unfortunately. But I was invited to Lovan RC in Alveringhem (Belgium) for their first official race in their new location, at only one hour of my home, then I could not refuse to participate ! The track layout was perfect, 35x18m, it was a pleasure to drive on it, we could take all the corners quickly with a certain softness, what a great job ! Same as the track layout, the organization was excellent, a race schedule in time, race control without mistakes and a technical control in rules.

For my part I arrived Saturday at 13:00, to make some practices before the first qualification run. Practices were a little bit difficult because of the new carpet, there was not a good grip and it was hard to find a setup with new tires. The first qualification run was same as practices, the car had no more grip and I just tried to finish 5 minutes without make mistakes. For the last 3 qualification runs on Sunday morning, I decided to change a lot of things. I changed my setup to have the most possible grip (reduce the droop, softer shock springs, long links, etc.), I used very old tires (softer then) with another tire additive, MR33 to CS. At this moment the car was pretty good, more grip, more steering, then I was able to take TQ in the second qualification run in front of Hugo Ragaut, Guillaume Guffroy and the young Liam Van de Wouwer. The last 2 qualification runs were identical to the previous, I could manage TQ. It was close behind me between Hugo and Guillaume for second place, finally Guillaume obtained the second place for only 2 tenth.

As the grip increased during qualifications, I changed the setup for the finals, the car was a little faster and easier to drive, so I was able to take a good start and keep the first place during all the race. I was able to do the same in the next 2 final runs and win the opening round of the 2017/18 Lovan RC Challenge. Hugo Ragaut finished on second place in front of Thomas Stockman. I think I had one of the best cars of the weekend, fast and easy to drive. A lot of people who were watching the race said me my car was really smooth and efficient on the track compared to others. We worked hard on it last season and it begins to pay. Now we have to find and share good setups for everyone. Next step is the first round of Winter Series in Longwy, here we go !

Overall Results:

  1. Rémi Callens – TM E4RS4
  2. Hugo Ragaut
  3. Thomas Stockman
  4. Liam Van de Wouwer
  5. Guillaume Guffroy
  6. Pieter Saelens
  7. Sonny Vandenborre
  8. Frederick Carton