Traxxas TRX-4 1979 Ford Bronco Body Kit


Excitement is building around the Traxxas booth at SEMA, the largest aftermarket automotive trade show in the world, taking place in Las Vegas. This week, Traxxas unveils several 2018 product releases to the expected 70,000+ attendees of the show.

2018 promises more excitement for fans of off-road scale RC trucks with the coming release of our highly detailed 1979 Ford Bronco Body Kit (Sunset or Red) for the Traxxas TRX-4. This one gets the full Traxxas treatment with unsurpassed realism including molded chrome grill, body side trim, and bumpers. It is also equipped with side mirrors and provisions for scale lighting. It can be customized even further with the optional rear spare tire carrier and chrome push bar.

  • Traxxas TRX-4 Long Arm Lift Kit

The TRX-4 is already the leader in ground clearance and capability, but coming in 2018 is the Traxxas TRX-4 Long Arm Lift Kit. This kit includes everything you need to properly install a massive lift under your TRX-4 including long-arm links, longer aluminum shocks, taller springs, extended driveshafts, and a revised front servo mount to maintain proper steering geometry. The Long Arm Lift kit is shown paired with a Traxxas Bronco body and new Method beadlock 2.2 wheels with 2.2 Canyon tires.

  • TRX-4 Unassembled Kit Coming 2018

Build your own TRX-4 with the TRX-4 Unassembled Kit (#82016-4) version. The kit includes the powerful TQi radio system and the XL-5HV power system. The kit is easy and fun to build with the detailed illustrated instructions. To speed up the build, key parts like shocks and linkages are professionally pre-assembled at the factory.

  • Method Race Wheels 1.9″ and 2.2″ Beadlock Wheels for TRX-4

Method Race Wheels for the TRX-4 feature a tough composite center with functional aluminum beadocks inside and out. Available in 1.9″ and 2.2″ sizes, the right combination is available for any TRX-4 setup and trail condition that you may face. Wrap the 2.2 wheel with the new Canyon 2.2 tires for a big stance and incredible grip. Available 2018.

  • 4-Tec 2.0 And TRX-4 Aluminum Accessories

Traxxas offers a complete lineup of anodized-aluminum components to add strength and eye-catching style to both the high-speed 4-Tec touring car and the TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler.