PROTOform Cup report


The PROTOform Cup was held at Cal Raceway over the weekend. This race had a unique format which saw 2 of 3 rounds counting for qualpoints and triple mains for all. With 4 of 6 runs counting, it was very clear that you needed to be on your A-Game to do well at this event.Racers were only allowed 1 set of Rush 36X spec tires for all of qualifying and the mains but the Rush tires held up extremely well with little to no fade throughout the weekend. Mod TC would see a 3 way tie for TQ between Rick Hohwart, Randy Caster and JJ Wang each with 2 points. After the tie breaker it would be Rick taking the TQ honors. Rick took advantage of his starting position and drove his way to A1 and A2 wins.

In the extremely competitive 17.5 class we saw Jacob Cruz putting on a show early on to take the top seeding position for qualifying. At the end of the weekend it was JD Ramsey taking the wins in A1 and A3 from 2nd on the grid to take the gold. Jason Laurel stormed his way from 7th on the grid all the way to a 3’rd place finish!

USGT would see a dominant performance from ProtoForm’s own Eric Epp taking the TQ and win as he showed off the hot new PF Corvette body!

Edgar Fiallos wasn’t messing around in F1 taking the TQ and win with Jason Laurel adding to his bronze collection after another podium finish!

VTA would see a Team Associated podium sweep with Ken Gerberding taking the win, Rocket Raj in 2’nd and Doug Rebal finishing 3rd with his Signature Build TC7.1.