Tim Wood takes BRCA 1/8IC Track title


The final round of the British IC Track Championship took place at the Cotswold circuit in central UK. Saturday Morning was damp, so cars hit the circuit for practice in the afternoon only. Noticeable quick cars were serpent’s Green, his team mate Wood, Spashett, Hastings. Sunday saw a fully dry track from the start. Four rounds of qualifying saw Mark Green take superb TQ, but the title contenders lined up 2nd Spashett and 4th Wood.

The start of the A final saw a Green get away swiftly, with the title protagonists battling hard for second. A close exciting race saw Wood’s 988 hounding Spashett’s ARC. At the second round of pit stops, Tim’s mechanic Nicola performed the undercut – with a pitstop 1 lap early. This allowed Tim to squeeze past Dave into an exciting turn 1. After 30 mins, the race result was declared as 1st Tim Wood, winning the 2017 British Championship with his XRD powered 988 Viper. 2nd was Dave Spashett with his ARC.

It is the 5th British title for Tim with a Serpent – and mechanic Nicola by his side.