XRS Slovenia Warm-Up report


Drivers from 5 different countries took this opportunity to test the track and materials which will be used this season. Already on Saturday the most of registered drivers were present and the track began to get more grip. On Sunday there were 2 controlled practice runs and then we went to the qualifying.

TQ in Touring Stock 13.5 XRS handout category went to B.A. Arnaldi (XRAY T4), second was Edoardo Repetti (XRAY T4) and third went to Federico Barbieri. In F1 21.5 XRS handout category the TQ went to Matej Dobnikar (XRAY X1), second was Luca Giovannoni and third Luka Školaris (XRAY X1). In Touring modified TQ went to Andrea Ghilotti (XRAY T4), second was Sascha Klug and third Alojzij Osvald (XRAY T4).

Touring Stock Results:

  1. B.A. Arnaldi – XRAY T4
  2. Edoardo Repetti – XRAY T4
  3. Federico Barbieri
  4. Rok Rudl – XRAY T4
  5. Luca Giovannoni
  6. Viktor Bolšec – XRAY T4
  7. Lukas Plattner – XRAY T4
  8. Gianmarco Franzolini
  9. Daniel Bosa – XRAY T4
  10. Arno Webernig – XRAY T4

In F1 Stock 21.5 the victory went to Matej Dobnikar (XRAY X1), second went to Luca Giovannoni and third to Luka Školaris (XRAY X1).

F1 Results:

  1. Matej Dobnikar – XRAY X1
  2. Luca Giovannoni
  3. Luka Školaris – XRAY X1
  4. Matevž Furlan – XRAY X1
  5. Luca Girotto
  6. Lele Mazolini – XRAY X1
  7. Andrea Banello – XRAY X1
  8. Francesco Costella
  9. Luigi Cassan

In the Touring modified the TQ driver Andrea Ghilotti (XRAY T4) won also the final, second went to Sascha Klug, third was Florian Luyer.

Modified results:

  1. Andrea Ghilotti – XRAY T4
  2. Sascha Klug
  3. Florian Luyer
  4. Stefan Hois
  5. Alojzij Osvald – XRAY T4
  6. Gabriel Benvenuti – XRAY T4