XRAY releases X1 2018 1/10 Formula car kit


XRAY have introduced the X1 formula car kit.

Full presentation here.

2018 All-new Features:

  • All-new super-narrow chassis design is 24mm narrower to eliminate chassis contact with the track while rolling
  • All-new redesigned side link adaptors – machined from graphite – are mounted to aluminum stands to work with new super-narrow chassis
  • All-new steering blocks with new extra Ackermann position for more in-corner steering and nearly 100% Ackermann curve
  • All-new shock adaptor for quick & easy shock position changes; new frontward position for improved drivability over bumps and improved on-power traction
  • All-new graphite servo holder allows mounting of new shock adaptor
  • All-new tweak-free pivot brace for quicker & easier pod plate mounting
  • All-new rear link brace with longer leads for battery side stop allows 5mm adjustment of battery position
  • All-new battery backstop mounting allows battery position adjustment

Chassis Design.

The new super-narrow chassis is 24mm narrower compared to previous versions, eliminating contact with the track in corners while rolling and offering improved cornering speed. The new chassis includes a slot for the composite battery backstop which allows 5mm battery position adjustment when using the most frequently used cross-chassis alignment configuration.

CNC-machined from custom-manufactured 2.5mm high-grade graphite material with a specially-designed compound for carpet racing and asphalt racing, the new X1 chassis allows the car to handle ideally on either indoor or outdoor tracks, on either carpet or asphalt.

Side Link Adaptors.

With the super-narrow chassis design, pod side link adaptors were changed from chassis mounting to graphite side link adaptors which are mounted to the chassis with shims and screws. The graphite plate includes 2-position for pod link mounting; outer position keeps the pod link straight, while the inner position allows for angled mounting of the pod links for improved in-corner steering.

Steering Blocks.

All-new steering blocks incudes extra Ackermann position which provides more in-corner steering required mostly at asphalt tracks. The new position has a nearly 100% Ackermann curve to provide maximum steering characteristics. The super-precise inner hole for the kingpin steel pin ensures wobble-free assembly.

Shock Adaptor.

All-new shock adaptor allows for a more frontward shock mounting position, and when the adaptor is removed the standard rearward position is achieved. The new longer alternative position – which allows for lengthening the shock and mounting the shock on the graphite servo holder – improves drivability over bumps and improves on-power traction. This setting is recommended for low-traction or bumpy tracks.

The standard shock position improves steering response and is recommended for higher-traction tracks. Shock adaptor allows for quick & easy shock position changes to adjust the downstop.

Servo Holder.

All-new graphite servo holder was redesigned to allow the mounting of the new shock adaptor, and thus offering the new long-shock alternative.

Pivot Brace.

All-new tweak-free lower pivot brace was redesigned for quicker & easier mounting of the pod plate on the chassis. Thanks to the nut groove on the brace, the nuts that connect the chassis with the brace will find the proper position by themselves so there is no need to reset the position for free movement when the pod plate is mounted. The transition of the rear pod works via the pivot brace, which features an ultra-small and lightweight pivot ball for greater movement of the pivot brace. The pivot ball has an internal thread.

Rear Link Brace.

All-new rear link brace has longer leads for battery side stops, allowing battery position adjustment on chassis by 5mm either more forward or more rearward while still keeping the battery securely in place. The rear graphite brace allows the side tubes to be mounted on the car so that an optional side shock may be mounted as well.

Battery Backstops.

The chassis features a new groove to allow revised mounting of the battery backstop and adjustment of battery position when cross-chassis battery alignment is used. To eliminate battery movement when inline battery alignment is used, the chassis features holes for composite battery backstops.

Full presentation here.