Gerhard Kandelhart defends Austrian Championship title


Last weekend was held the final round of the Austrian Championship in the 1/10 class at the SFMAV Racetrack in Nußdorf. Despite the good weatherforecast saturday afternoon the track was still wet from over-night rainshower on some parts of the track. Track conditions made it very difficult to get a faultless run through.The only one that masters that conditions was Gerhard “Kandi” Kandelhart, who had apparently no problems with it and could confidently decide all 4 qualifications on his home court. Leonardo Varga secured 2nd place for the final in front of Franz Engel, both having their problems with the difficult track conditions.

The final went without surprises and so Gerhard Kandelhart secured the win with a faultless run over 45 minutes with Leonardo Varga taking 2nd place and Franz Engel on 3rd position and Franz Brandner on 4th place.

By winning the last round, Gerhard Kandelhart was crowned Austrian Champion by successfully defendeding his title. The podium of the overall evaluation was completed in the same order with Leonardo Varga on 2nd place and Franz Engel on 3rd place.