Bowie Ginting takes Indonesian TC Mod title


The final round of the Indonesian EP National Championship was held at East Speedway, Jakarta. A total of 45 drivers attended the race to battled for the national title. It was XRAY driver Muhammad Izzah who secured the pole after TQ’ed the leg two and three of qualifying while the first qualifying belongs to Destiny’s Arya Seta. Serpent driver Bowie Ginting started from the second place with Arya, Chandra Yosef and Christian Mamesah completed the top 5. Main final will be dominated by Izzah. Bowie came in second and Christian in third.

With this result, Bowie secured the 2017 national title, 35 points ahead of Izzah who’s being the vice champion.

A Main Result:

  1. Muhammad Izzah (Xray/Hobbywing)
  2. Bowie Ginting (Serpent/Hobbywing)
  3. Christian Mamesah (Serpent/Hobbywing)
  4. Arya Seta (Destiny/Hobbywing)
  5. Martinus Ardo (Xray/Hobbywing)
  6. Suwardi Suliandy (Xray/Orca)
  7. Handoko Wijaksono (Tamiya/Orca)
  8. Chandra Yosef (Awesomatix/Hobbywing)
  9. Reynaldi Kriswanto (Tamiya/Hobbywing)
  10. Peter Anthonijsz (Awesomatix/Hobbywing)

2017 Modified Class Overall result (TOP 5):

  1. Bowie Ginting (Serpent/Hobbywing)
  2. Muhammad Izzah
  3. Christian Mamesah (Serpent/Hobbywing)
  4. Arya Seta
  5. Chandra Yosef