Spanish 1/8 on-road Championship finale report


The last round of the Spanish on-road Championship was held at the Club Carsol track in Elche, south of Valencia. During the event it was Shepherd’s Carlos Peracho who came out fastest and taking an unquestioned pole position. Joining him directly into the Main-final was Adrián Santeiro by winning the super pole that had been run under rainy conditions.

Also in the semi-finals the unstable weather conditions was a key-factor, with the right tire choice securing a bump-up spot into the main-final. As all four driver with winning chances for the overall Championship (Sergio Montesinos, Rubén Olivares, Victor González and Guillermo Pérez) made their way into the main-Final, the Championship was not decided before the start.

The final saw a wheel to wheel fight between Carlos Peracho and Rubén Olivares seperating themselfs from the chasing pack. The pit-crew of Carlos showing great work and in the end he was able to win the race in front of Vicente Eres Ramos. Further down it was Sergio Montesinos and Guillermo Pérez conected into a long battle for third position. In the end, the latter one taking the last step on the podium by only a tenth of a secound.

Shepherd driver Sergio Montesinos with the 4th place will be crowned new Spanish Champion 2017.

Final Result:

  1. Carlos Peracho Heras (Shepherd)
  2. Vicente Eres Ramos
  3. Guillermo Pérez Fernandes
  4. Sergio Montesinos Ortega (Shepherd)
  5. Victor Gonzales Lopez
  6. Alvaro Fernandes Valvo
  7. Inaki Otero Taboada
  8. Ruben Olivates Munoz
  9. Alberto Alonso Gomez (Shepherd)
  10. Adrean Senteiro Vilar

In the category ‘B’ it was Shepherd’s J. Miguel Delgado who took the title.