2017 ROAR Region 9 Nitro On-Road Championships report


This past weekendwas held the 2017 ROAR Region 9 Nitro On-Road Championships at RCRCNT track in Redon, Texas. The track would be very slick all weekend from rain over night and winds blowing dust onto the track making it very challenging to find the right setup to handle the bumps and find traction.

In the 1/10th Nitro Sedan class Ron “Atomic” would be able to set the fastest time in qualifying and take TQ with XRAY drivers John Hodges and Ethan Lefebvre starting right behind him. With mains being ran on Sunday and rain over night it would make the track extremely slick to start the mains as the track would not be re-sprayed. As the main started the top 3 broke away from the rest of the field. Ron, Ethan and John had a great battle in the long 40min main. In the end Ethan was able to make the fewest mistakes and take the win with Ron in second and John in third.

Overall 1/10th Nitro Sedan.

  1. Ethan Lefebvre Xray
  2. Ron “Atomic”
  3. John Hodges Xray
  4. Matthew Gillum Xray
  5. Robert Bell Xray
  6. Evan Lefebvre Xray
  7. Luca Barrera

In the 1/8th GT Open class XRAY’s Ethan Lefebvre would be able to set the fastest time and take TQ over Chris Brame in second and Randy Novak in third. During the main Ethan would be able to open up a decent lead but during the first fuel stop he would run into problems as the motor flamed out and ruin the glow plug. Once he got back out on the track he had lost a few laps to Chris and had a lot of work to do. With Chris’s tires heating up and getting slick Ethan was able to make up a bunch of time and able to retake the lead and never look back to win his second Region 9 title of the weekend!

Overall 1/8th GT Open.

  1. Ethan Lefebvre Xray
  2. Chris Brame
  3. Randy Novak
  4. Darrell Bird

In the 1/8th Open class Xrays Nick Lefebvre would be able to qualify third among some very fast competition. As the main started Nick would jump right up to second and have a great battle with Scotty for the lead swapping back and forth every lap for the first few mins till Nick would run into a small problem and he would loose a few laps. Nick and Evan would get it fixed fast and back out there and start the push back to the top. At about the 25-30min mark Nick had made up a bunch a time and was back up to 4th only one lap behind 3rd but would end up hitting something on the straightaway and ruining his car making it unable to finish.