3DRC SF3 & YR-10 Fan Boosters and Diffusors


After making the popular Fan Boosters and Diffusors for the Xray X1 and Team Associated F6 vehicles, 3DRC made the whole range for 30x30mm and 40x40mm fans and the true rear diffusors for the Serpent SF3 and Yokomo YR-10 chassis kits. While the 30x30mm Fan Boosters are made for Formula 1 racing, the 40x40mm Fan Boosters are specially made for the new LMP class. The rear diffusor that is attached to the power pod side plates, which allows to use a multitude of wings and wing heights as they will not interfere with the diffusor. The part is 3-D-printed from tough yet flexible material and it will add scale looks and additional downforce.

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