XRS Australia Rd4 report


Fourth round of the XRS was held at one of the biggest tracks in Australia last weekend. On this challenging track it was Awesomatix’s Jeffrey Mackie who took the win in front of XRAY driver Nathan Reese in second and Yokomo driver John Puse in third in TC Mod.

In TC Stock Awesomatix driver Steve Georgopolous managed to take the win from ARC’s Brad Vercoe in second and XRAY’s Damian Zarb in third.

21.5 Sportsman

  1. Brendan George (Kyosho)
  2. Glen Nankervis – XRAY T4
  3. Hayden Smith (Yokomo)


  1. Aden Young – XRAY T4
  2. Brandon Alt (VBC)
  3. Alex Hopkins

12th Scale

  1. Greg Brooks
  2. Ed Clark – XRAY X12
  3. Mark Wallin – XRAY X12


  1. Damian Zarb – XRAY X12
  2. Beth Cullen
  3. Greg Brooks