Team Shepherd Velox F1 2018 1/10 formula car kit


Team Shepherd have introduced the next development stage of the successful Velox F1 platform, the Shepherd Velox F1 2018 formula car kit. The Shepherd Velox F1 2018 is equipped with a new battery mount set. This utilises a new carbon fibre battery brace and upper plate that accommodates a rubber O-ring to secure the battery pack while also shifting the pack about 2.6mm towards the rear for increased traction and more implified handling characteristics.

To further improve the Velox Revolutionary Shock System the latest evolution of floating pistons is also included in the kit from now on. With the help of an additional o-ring the new floating piston completely prevents any possible tilt of the piston inside the shock absorber resulting in a 100% leak-free and easy to adjust operation.

More great developments in the 2018 Version of the Velox F1 are the updated main shaft and right rear wheel hub. Both now are coming in a optimized shape for perfect fitting and more contact area of the diff preassure plates resulting in a much smoother running of the ball differential.

Furthermore the larger diameter reduces the possibility of fluff or dirt coming into the differential increasing its durability. With all these changes a even better handling of the great Velox F1 plattform has been achieved for everybody from club level to world class racers.

The new Velox F1 2018 kits are available from now on in the well known Shepherd blue as well as a black edition.