RC Maker long reach premium touring car ride height gauge


RC Maker have introduced a long reach premium ride height gauge for touring cars. The ride height gauge is machined from super light weight 7075-T6 alloy whith laser engraved numbers and logo. The long reach ride height gauge provides a solution to a very overlooked problem. Often outdoor racing leaves you with a very worn chassis, and always on the most forward and back positions of the chassis. This is where you measure your ride height from, always leaving you with an overstated ride height measurement. Depending on the wear this can be up to 0.4mm, which can make a real difference to the handling of the car! This is a compounding problem, as your ride height is lower than you think, leading to more chassis scraping, and the cycle keeps continuing and compounding every time.

As well as this, it reaches screws which could be protruding the chassis, ruining the carpet and causing you to fail tech. This gauge will ensure every part on the extremes of your chassis is within spec. The gauge removes this issue by lengthening the platforms and providing only the most common ride height measurements from 5.0mm to 6.0mm. The extra reach allows your to access the un-worn part of your chassis to achieve an accurate measurement every time. Wear usually only occurs on the outermost part of the chassis, our 20mm platforms have more than enough length to always access the unworn part of the chassis.