New Hitec D-Series hobby servos


Hitec have added five hobby servos to their advanced, popular D-Series group. The programmable, digital D89MW, D145SW, D485HW, D646WP and D777MG offer incredible performance and precision in five distinct sizes all with 32-bit high resolution, ultra-response technology and wide voltage operation. The mighty micro-sized D89MW delivers solid power with a coreless motor. The slim wing D145SW has heavy-duty, steel gears, providing instant torque and holding power for slim aircraft and glider wings.

Replacing the standard-size HS-5485HB and HS-5495BH servos, the sport class D485HW brings faster response and accuracy to your various radio control needs. IP-67 rated with D-Series enhanced technology, the D646WP is the perfect answer to its digital predecessor the HS-5646WP. Our new low profile D777MG servos has evolved directly from our popular metal gear HS-7775MG and HS-8775MG.