Alexander Hagberg reports on IIC Las Vegas Race


“The 2017 edition of the IIC was held at the Westgate Resort & Casino, for the 2nd consecutive time. XRAY saw a great following in the many classes that was presented at the event. Our RC America team, along with a few European additions, were ready to fight for the win in the 6 day long event.

In modified touring, I was able to fight for the TQ in every single round, as my car was very competitive and well handling on this high grip surface. Unfortunately small mistakes from my part meant that I narrowly missed out on the TQ spot, and had to settle for 2nd, both on the grid and in the overall standings after the single A main. Jan Ratheisky also pulled off a strong A main finish with his XRAY car!

In the 1/12 13.5T category, Hupo Hönigl was one of the frontrunners the whole week, eventually finishing 3rd in this ultra competitive class. It was another great showing for the brand new X12 2018 (US edition)! Eric Anderson had a great final, eventually finishing just behind Hupo, in 4th overall!

The TC Super Stock class was as always super close, and our own Jan Ratheisky eventually would finish in the runner up position, after pushing hard to catch the winner Kyle Klingforth in the final! Craig Xavier took his T4 2018 to a strong 5th place finish in the final. Eric Anderson finished 9th overall for XRAY, after showing great pace in qualifying, but suffering from bad luck in the main final.

In 1/12 Stock, our expert at the class, Craig Xavier, was the only driver to come somewhat close to the winner Andrew Knapp, finishing 2nd overall in a stacked field! A great debut for the X12 2018 US edition!

Jan Ratheisky managed to finish 2nd in the Formula 1 class with his XRAY X1! Joey Krysinski joined Jan in the main final for XRAY as well! The guys worked hard all week to get their X1 cars right on pace, and they did well in the end!

Our Canadian team driver Luke Pittman did a stellar job in the Stock Touring (21.5T) class to conquer the 3rd podium spot in the class after a close finish! Beni Stutz finished 8th overall for XRAY in this category too!

In 1/12 Modified, I couldn’t maintain my practice pace where I was seeded P1, but from 3rd on the grid, I was running 2nd for most of the race, only to be taken out by an other driver on the very last lap of the race! Hupo Hönigl also made the show with his XRAY X12 2018 US edition chassis!

Thanks to Scotty Ernst and his crew for a fun and action packed event like always! I want to send out a special thanks to RC America as well – it was a pleasure to work with you guys once again, you should all be proud of your team work and performance at the IIC! We will come back stronger next year, hopefully with more and bigger trophies!”

Modified touring:

  1. Ronald Volker
  2. Alexander Hagberg – XRAY T4
  3. Naoki Akiyama
  4. Mike Gee
  5. Ralph Burch
  6. Sam Isaacs
  7. Keven Hebert
  8. Jan Ratheisky – XRAY T4
  9. Rick Hohwart
  10. Kyle Klingforth

Stock Touring:

  1. Michael Toth
  2. Lawrence Fairtrace
  3. Luke Pittman
  4. David Zorn
  5. Brian Card
  6. Arthur Scrimo
  7. Bill Sydor
  8. Beni Stutz
  9. Chris Kemper
  10. Matt Lyons


  1. Andrew Knapp
  2. Jan Ratheisky – XRAY T4
  3. Johnny Carey
  4. Kevin Cole
  5. Michael Hanulec
  6. Brent Klingforth
  7. Brian Wynn
  8. Joey Krysinski
  9. Tony Tam
  10. Mario Ficco

Super Stock Touring:

  1. Kyle Klingforth
  2. Jan Ratheisky – XRAY T4
  3. Sam Isaacs
  4. Matt Lyons
  5. Craig Xavier – XRAY T4
  6. Duy Khuong
  7. Brandon Clements
  8. Henrik Heitsch
  9. Eric Anderson – XRAY T4
  10. Mike Gee

1/12 Super Stock

  1. Andrew Knapp
  2. Josh Cyrul
  3. Hupo Hönigl – XRAY X12
  4. Eric Anderson – XRAY X12
  5. Mike Gee
  6. Walter Henderson
  7. Lawrence Fairtrace
  8. Anrrew Mowery
  9. Kevin Van Ert
  10. Ray Darroch

1/12 Stock

  1. Andrew Knapp
  2. Craig Xavier – XRAY X12
  3. Michael Hanulec
  4. Shawn Rayfield
  5. Steve Boice
  6. Andrew Mowery
  7. Brian Wynn
  8. Kevin Van Ert
  9. John Wiita
  10. Johnny Carey