Yokomo BD8-2018 1/10 EP On-road touring car kit


Yokomo have introduced their new BD8-2018 1/10 EP On-road touring car kit. Yokomo has been releasing BD series since 2014 and achieved the world championship in multiple occasions: in 2014 with the BD-7 and 2016 with the BD-8.

This new BD8-2018 is a further refinement of the previous model to push the limits further and be extremely competitive. In order to reduce the weight in the drive train the front spool has been redesigned with newly formulated resin and all the other composite parts were updated to increase the overall performances. The new special graphite materials has also been used for the suspension parts. The upper deck and main chassis has been redesigned to increase the rigidly and optimize the balance of the car.

While the updates may seem minor and conservative they are actually introducing many important improvements in all areas. Yokomo are going to offer a special offer for the for the first batch and we will add Rear Toe Control system (B8-RTC18) in free. These special kits will a sticker on the box to indicate free RTC.

The 2018 updated BD8 model will be available at the end of October.


  • New Centre Aligned Front Belt System, the front belt now runs up the middle of the car which improves the car’s balance as well as smoothness during on-power acceleration.
  • 40T Pulley, increase more drive efficiency and optimize the chassis role balance.
  • The newly designed plastic pulley integrated front spool
  • The newly designed large sized rod end ball & open type rod end
  • Capable for installing PCS Rod for more grip and acceleration.
  • The newly designed carbon graphite chassis and upper deck
  • Bush insert aluminum suspension mount has optimized for ultra LCG architecture
  • Active road surface tracing designed motor mount
  • Center mounting of heavier weight parts for higher driving performance.
  • Aluminum Servo mount is standard bundled
  • Front double joint universal is standard bundled
  • Composite belt tensioner is standard bundled
  • Low center gravity as well as high capacity at SLF short shock II