ST Racing Concepts TRX-4 Aluminum Option Parts


ST Racing Concepts have introduced new aluminum option parts for the Traxxas TRX-4 Defender scale crawler. These CNC Machined aluminum option parts will further enhance the durability and performance of your rig.

The heavy duty CNC machined one-piece aluminum front and rear bumper mount provides not only solid mounting points for the front and rear bumper but also doubles as cross member chassis braces for the TRX-4.

The aluminum center transmission gearbox cover provides precision alignment for the transmission gears and eliminates any flex that might cause the gears to move and strip.

The sold one-piece CNC Machined aluminum front drive axle caster blocks are machined as per the stock geometry and greatly increase the durability of the front drive axle.

The center battery plate helps dissipate heat from your battery pack and also add a bit more overall weight at the center of the TRX-4.

All parts are available in anodized black, blue, gun metal, red and silver.