RC Maker TC Digital Camber Gauge


RC Maker have introduced a digital camber gauge for Touring Cars. It allows you to fine tune your camber and camber gain settings, giving you the peace of mind that you are following an accurate, replicable measurement tool. You can use it on your race wheels, setup wheels or next to your setup station, all to give you a true and incredibly accurate reading on the camber angle of your wheels. It allows infinite fine tuning, allowing you to adjust your camber to the optimum point of perfect tire wear and traction.

As well as this, it is also a very useful tool for measuring camber-gain, something which is not able to be measured accurately on setup stations. This allows you to further fine tune your roll centre and camber-link settings to find the optimum amount of camber gain. The amount of camber gain can be calculated by taking your camber at ride height and subtracting your camber under compression. The difference between these two angles is your camber gain, and has a massive impact on the handling of the car and wear of the tires.

Debuted by Ronald Völker and Yukijiro Umino at IIC 2017!

Not only can you check and tune camber, this gauge can also be used to monitor and adjust your rear toe. Holding the car vertically on the setup board, with either both bulkheads or both setup wheels touching your setup board, you can achieve a very accurate measurement of your rear toe. With many cars today using active rear toe, this can be a very helpful tool to not only measure your static toe, but also your toe gain under compression.

The accuracy of this gauge is incredible. We have referenced several angles to ensure the accuracy always precise and consistent. Testing has shown that all devices are within 0.01 degree tolerance across a 3-degree range which it is regularly used on touring cars. All Camber and Toe Gauges are tested prior to selling and perfect calibration is ensured every time.

You can use this gauge on any angle pit bench/setup board, because the “zero” function allows it to zero to whatever angle surface you are working from. Zero it on your pit board before use, and you will have accurate measurements all day long!

It comes with a protective velvet pouch to ensure it stays brand new, as well as the AAA Battery for operation which can be easily replaced when flat.

RC MAKER Digital Camber Gauge

BRAND NEW INDUSTRY FIRST!-> RC MAKER Digital Camber Gauge for Touring Cars -> RC MAKER Digital Caster Gauge for AwesomatixSee our camber gauge in action below!As used by Ronald Ronald Völker and Yukijiro Umino at International Indoor Championships – IIC!Get it >> www.rcmaker.com.au/rc-maker

Posted by RC MAKER on Mittwoch, 4. Oktober 2017