AVID Kyosho HD long rear axle conversion & shock & turnbuckle tool


AVID RC have re-released and improved their HD long rear axle conversion set, and shock and turnbuckle tool for Kyosho RB6.6, RB6, RB5, ZX-6, ZX-5, SC, and SC6. First up is the HD long rear axle conversion set. AVID engineers shouted “Enough!” after witnessing one too many Kyosho rear axle failures. They went into the lab and studied the design to see how they could stop those pesky DNFs for Kyosho customers, and AVID guarantee you won’t break their heavy-duty long rear axle. The set includes two rear axles, two aluminum clamping hex adapters, two AVID solid axle pins, two SS screws, and AVID decal.



  • No-Break Guarantee! Send a broken AVID axle back for a replacement.
  • AVID HD Long Axles are guaranteed not to break into two pieces. Normal wear and tear of the CV joint is not covered, so after your axles wear out, you still need to buy new ones. If you land a jump and snap an axle (or in any other way snap an axle) send in the broken parts (or 1/2 will do) and we’ll replace it. All replacements are at the discretion of AVID Racing Concepts but we have a simple rule that we go by: Broken= Guaranteed Replacement. Not Broken = You need to buy new axles, it’s just worn out.
  • Extended Threads for perfect fit with aftermarket buggy rear wheels by AVID, Pro-Line, AKA, JConcepts, etc…
  • Precision Stress-Proof Steel Axles work with Kyosho swing shafts.
  • 1.5mm (or 1/16″) drive pin replaces 2mm cross pin for increased strength, along with all sharp corners removed.
  • 12mm Hexes are Laser Etched and includes Chamfered Edge for easy wheel installation.
  • Fits RB6.6, RB6, RB5, ZX-6, ZX-5, SC, & SC6.
  • Set includes 2 rear axles, 2 aluminum clamping hex adapters, 2 AVID solid axle pins, 2 SS Screws, 1 AVID decal.

Next up is the shock & turnbuckle tool for all racers running Kyosho 10th scale. The V2 version has been improved ergonomically to make your life easier and increase your style points at the track.


  • Fits lower shock cartridge on Kyosho 12mm Big-Bore shocks
  • Ergonomically designed handles aid in turnbuckle adjustment and shock bleeding process. Won’t slip or spin like plastic wrenches.
  • 3.5 and 5.5 mm wrench ends fit both size Kyosho Turnbuckles as well as 5.5mm hex nuts.
  • 6061 Aluminum alloy, black anodized with silver edges and laser etched logo.
  • Each package includes 1 tool and 1 AVID mini decal sheet.