ROAR on-road Nats report


This past weekend was held the ROAR on-road Nationals at Hobby Town R/C Raceway Park. Serpent’s Joaquin Desoto Jr. took the overall TQ and the win the brand new Viper 988 in 1/8 nitro on-road in front of Mike Swauger in second and Paolo Morganti in third.

In 1/8 GP Masters (45+) it was Dana Smeltzer who took the victory from Dwight Smith and Dana Mckee in second and third respectively.

In 1/8 GT Desoto Jr took the TQ and an the second place overall just ahead of Paolo Morganti who grabbed the win. Desoto was leading most of the race, but a small issue with the gearbox towards the end of the final gave the win away to former team-mate Morganti. Walter Diaz in third rounded out the top 3.

In 1/10 200mm Sedan, Paolo Morganti took another win from XRAY’s Paul Lemieux in second and Serpent’s Ralph Burch in third.

Joaquin Desoto Jr. stated:

“1/8th National Champion!! YES!! Overall strong week. Win in 1/8th, TQs in 1/8th and GT, 2nd in GT and 4th in touring. Shout out to my dad, he stayed up until 3am several nights this week getting the cars ready for action. Also to teammates Ralph Burch for podium in sedan, Walter Diaz for podium in GT, and Dana for win in Masters.”