MIP TRX-4 Defender HD Driveline Kit & Wide Track Kit


MIP have introduced the new HD driveline kit and the wide track kit for the Traxxas TRX-4 Defender. The scale-ish MIP HD driveline features scale looks and light-weight construction, compared to our MIP X-Duty drives; nearly 30% lighter and 25% slimmer. MIP have also incorporated their ultra-strong spline technology and MIP CVD makeup. The MIP HD driveline kit, Traxxas TRX-4 Defender, additionally has an impressive 35° of articulation and features phased aligned joints that key the male and female splines for smooth power transfer under load with no binding or vibration. Of course, all components are heat treated from the highest quality American grade alloy steels.

Also new is the wide track kit. Larger front tires require more steering clearance; increased power requires more stability; and some difficult terrain sections can benefit by having a wider stance! Taking all this into consideration, the MIP designed the wide track kit. With the use of 7075-T6 machined aluminum spacers and heavy duty alloy steel axles the MIP wide track kit will effectively widen the TRX-4 Defender vehicle by 8mm (4mm per side). Get the stance that your rig needs to perform to its optimum potential and increase your modification capabilities.