TORC Turkish Nationals Rd5 report


The fifth and final round of TORC Turkish Nationals was held in Bumod Bursa over the weekend. XRAY’s driver Mustafa Alp was able to take the overall TQ easily in both 1/10 GP and 1/10 EP Stock classes.

The 45 minute Nitro Touring final started at a rather hot weather, making engines lot slower and traction much less, as everyone was slower on their lap times about 4/10. Mustafa struggled a lot the first 8 minutes, then tires became smaller which made his car more comfortable and slowly he extended his lead. At those moments Halit made a mistake and flame out which costed him more than 2 laps, and Kagan had a stop and go penalty due to bad refueling, which costed him some time. In the meanwhile Alain was making consistent laps time, and moved up to the 3rd place. Nearly everyone changed tires at 25 min mark, and even though Mustafa had a flame out, he rejoined the race holding the lead. Mustafa took the win and won the national title. Kagan Aydın finished in 2nd, and Alain in 3rd. Halit missed the podium only by 0.5 seconds after 45 minutes of racing.

The first final of EP Stock Final number 1 was little tough for Mustafa because Murat Yazıcı had fresher tires, and immediately he put the pressure on him from the start. In the 2nd lap they had an incident and Mustafa could able to hold on to 2nd spot. After a lap, Mustafa overtook Poyraz who was at that moment the new leader, and continued to keep the lead. At the end he was able to grabed the win from Murat in 2nd and Onur Karacuhalılar in 3th.

The second final was rather less drama; Mustafa took the lead from tone to tone and won the round and the national championship. In the 2017 season overall, Ahmet Kasap finished 2nd and Onur Karaçuhalılar 3rd.

TORC 1/10 GP results:

  1. Mustafa Alp- XRAY NT1
  2. Kağan Aydın-XRAY NT1
  3. Alain Sarafyan-XRAY NT1
  4. Halit Körpe-XRAY NT1
  5. Serdar Sakallıoğlu – XRAY NT1
  6. Sertaç Palaz- Mugen
  7. Mert Ekinci-XRAY NT1
  8. Utku Kızıldağ-XRAY NT1
  9. Cengiz Sönmezler-XRAY NT1
  10. Poyraz Serezlioğlu-XRAY NT1

TORC 1/10 EP Mod results:

  1. Kayhan Ketenci XRAY T4
  2. Cem Nizamoğulları-XRAY T4
  3. Gökay Aktan-3 Racing
  4. Sertaç Yalım- XRAY T4
  5. Anıl Gonca-XRAY T4
  6. Hamza Güngör-XRAY T4
  7. Erhan Yılmaz-Yokomo Bd7
  8. Hakan Taşyaka-XRAY T4
  9. Sercen Ahmet Koksu-XRAY T4
  10. Alain Sarafyan-XRAY T4

TORC 1/10 EP Stock results:

  1. Mustafa Alp-XRAY T4
  2. Murat Yazıcı-XRAY T4
  3. Onur Karacuhalılar-XRAY T4
  4. Poyraz Serezlioğlu-XRAY T4
  5. Emirhan Savaş-XRAY T4
  6. Murat Çağış- XRAY T4
  7. Yasin Yenidünya-XRAY T4
  8. Sertaç Yalım- XRAY T4
  9. Berk Öğretmen-XRAY T4
  10. Sefer Kürşad Alalma-XRAY T4