Infinity IF14 option parts


Infinity have added new option parts for their IF14 electric touring car in the for of 2-piece motor mount, wheel hexes and low friction belts. The most significant of the new items being offered for their recent Japanese and German National Championship winning chassis is a 2-piece motor mount. With the motor mount and centre shaft mount assembled separately, this creates more flex in the motor area. Changing of the screw positions in the two pieces allows for further fine tuning of this flex characteristic.

Also released are two optional aluminium wheel hex sets. With the car coming as standard with 5mm width hexes, racers now have the option to make the overall track width narrower with the use of the new 4.5mm or 4.25mm hexes.

Completing the release of new optionals are low friction front and rear belts. Created for Stock motor use, they are made from a softer material than the standard belts and are narrower helping to achieve higher drive efficiency.